Octathorpe is a Web Application consultation agency specializing in Ruby on Rails and User Experience Design

What we do


Our expertise in the field meets your idea to develop a truely viable product. We understand your goals and walk you through the process of putting the idea on paper. We use Flowchart diagrams, Mind Mapping tools, Wireframing kits and the good 'ol pencil & paper to do all this.


Good asthetics are no longer a luxury to have in the web app domain. User conversion has a high collaration with design, nothing like a badly designed UI to turn away people! A well designed web app also increases the trust quotient in the eyes of the user.


We use the very latest Open Source technologies to bring your project to fruitation. Our Code ninjas build with the aim to scale the product as your company grows. We integrate with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Amazon and various other APIs to harness their power for your product.

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Jquery
  • HTML 5
  • PHP
  • Yii Framework

How we work

We love Entrepreneurs!

Innovations get our pulses racing. Our skill-set encapsulates the entire product development cycle; We can take care of getting your idea from the paper to the browser stage, while giving you the freedom to concentrate on the business aspects.

Webdesign Ruby on Rails SEO
PHP Development Graphics User Experience Wireframes

Web Applications

Ruby on Rails or PHP MVCs, we build high quality applications which are efficient and scalable. We integrate APIs and build truly social applications.

Web Design

From corporate sites to restaurants to blogs we can design as per your needs. We specialize in taking content/branding from your corporate brochure and developing a shiny new website.

Mobile App Development

iPhone or Android, there are few web apps out there that don't need a mobile App. At Octothorpe we build them along with a mobile optimized site for phones that aren't very 'smart'.

User Interface Design

Have an app already? We design User Interfaces that can turn a good product into great ones.

Responsive Design

Mobile devices or Tablets, we can make your website look perfect independent of the device. No more ugly horizontal scroll bars or zooming to read content!


We use...

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Our Work


...thats our Blog

Creating dynamic Bar Graphs using Raphael.js

on Mar 06 2012

This post is all about learning "How to create Bar Graphs?" in a quick and easy manner. We will use a javascript lib "Raphael" consisting mainly Raphael.js, g.raphael.js and g.bar.js. This library also contains extensions for creating pie charts, dot charts, line charts...

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Raphael js library for vector graphics and graphs

on Mar 06 2012

Today we came across with a requirement to display information in graph representation. The first approach came into my mind was the javascript script I wrote in my college days which draws graph and creates simple css. But the requirements were much more complex and we needed to vector graphics (svg images)...

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Yii Rights extension – RBAC (Role based access control)

on Mar 06 2012

Rights is a extension module in yii framework which can be used to have a interface for role based access control.
Using rights its very easy to manage various roles and permission in the application, and can be used as a standard for all projects...

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Dumping/Backing up Mysql Databases (Innodb) without locking tables.

on Jan 27 2012

When not using hosted backup solutions or gems, I am make use good old "mysqldump" a lot to take a dump of my databases and move the sql around. I think its good practice generally to avoid locking tables for read and write atleast in a production like environment.

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Why we love bad ideas…

on Dec 31 2011

It takes a lot of confidence to do something that makes you look stupid. At Octathorpe, we appreciate these people. Rome wasn't built in a day, neither were great applications.

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Vim Fu: Deleting in vim

on Dec 20 2011

I am more of a textmate person, but have to deal with vim on and off, so heres a good trick i learnt recently. Stuff like deleting till the end of the file, or delete from current line to the beginning of the file. Such things come really handy sometimes, here is a list.

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We are...

  • A bunch of guys who simply love the web
  • We like to create stuff for the web, useful and neat stuff that helps people, and have fun while doing it
  • We drink lots of caffeine and we have tons of good and bad ideas all the time
  • We think that if code is poetry, design is art

Kashyap Reddy

Co-Founder The Design & UX guy
profile for Kashyap at User Experience, Q&A for user experience researchers and experts

Prior to starting out on his own Kashyap has worked for companies in Sweden and the United States in various front end roles. He is passionate about User Experience and ensures that our projects fully captivate their target audience. A Computer Science Engineer from VIT University, his entrepreneurship dream is being lived to the full.

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Rishav Rastogi

Co-Founder Code Ninja
profile for Rishav Rastogi at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers

Having worked for startups for his entire professional life, Rishav decided it was time for him to take the entrepreneurship leap. With his experience working with multiple 'Techcrunched' products in lead roles, Rishav brings invaluable technical expertise to the table. An avid Programming nut even before his Computer Science Engineering days, there are very few technologies he hasn't experimented with.

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Web Developer

We are looking out for a RoR/PHP developer to join us full time. If you are the type to sync with a vibrant startup environment, then send in your resume to info@octathorpeweb.com

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We are based in the lovely & historic city of Hyderabad, India

Email: info@octathorpeweb.com